Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rooftop BBQ with Patina Vintage Rentals

When the lovely ladies of Patina Vintage Rentals invited me to their BBQ, they asked if I could snap a few pics, and of course I could not deny them!  I knew they were going to make it a beautiful evening, with some of the loveliest faces in Brooklyn.  So I ended up taking more then a few pics, since there were so many great photo ops!  Thanks for having me ladies!

I don't know how they got all of this stuff up there, but they are resourceful gals, so of course, everything was perfect!
Thea of Hushed Commotion showing us the contents of our gift bags, which included sparklers, as seen below!
Oh yeah, and that tiny guy in the middle is Sam from Pies 'n' Thighs who brought us all the yummy food!
The lovely Marisa of The Wythe Hotel came too!
Of course, some lovely furniture for their guests to lounge was provided, including this darling little love seat.
The inimitable Jove Meyer, making Michelle from Patina belly laugh! He has a way of doing that.
The ever lovely Kim of Patina rocking her summer look!
Look at the smile!  The sweetest girl ever!  Molly of Glitter+Rye
Mama Patina herself, Corinn and her lil photographer boy!
A lot of fabulous people having a pow wow!  Firefly Events, Michelle Edgemont, The Foundry, and more!
Sad little sparkler face
I don't know you, but I like your dress!
We aren't friends yet either, but you're killing it!
Check out Angela's summer glow with her hubby to the left. It's Mr. and Mrs. Winifred Bean!
Just a beautifully back lit couple in love! ( Who I now know is Alison from Butter+Love and her man)
Oh Jove.
Patina Intern in training!  I love this photo!
Newest addition to the Patina estate!
Le Mamas!
Sundown, and bokeh!
Just in time for sparklers!
Ladies pow wow with Thea and Chellise of Chellise Michael Photography
And to top the night off, a little Tinsel action from Erica and Adette of Tinsel and Twine!

 Thanks again ladies!


  1. Hey! This is Alison - half of the "back lit couple in love." (Smile) Great shot!

    1. Oh hi lovely!! I was wondering who you guys were!?? You both look fabulous and in love!! Hopefully I'll meet you again! xo

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  3. It must have been a wonderful BBQ party, since everyone appears to be enjoying the event as seen in the pictures. My close friend is tying the knot tomorrow and I’ll be attending both the ceremony and reception party, which will be at one of the spectacular wedding venues NYC.