Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bug Circus

Being in school is a really fun way to break out of your normal habits by collaborating with the people that inspire you. Lucia Loiso is a Romanian photographer here on scholarship and she is very talented. A little while back, we decided to collaborate on a project, that involved using taxidermy bugs. I haven't shot any still life scenes in a while, but you can certainly see the influence of the white on white, for my monochromatic portraits.

Music Video Shoot

Last week, I went to the set for a music video shoot for singer, Imaeyen, she is an r&b artist out of Los Angeles. My friend Amy Greenleaf directed the video, while her boyfriend Joey Lopez, also my good buddy, played the part of D.P., and I shot some stills for her. It was really fun to see them work together, seems to be a theme here in these posts. Anyhow, it's crazy to be on a set where the goal is "moving pictures"! It's wild to me how many people you need to accomplish something of that magnitude, but it seems really fun too! I wanna try it :)

Williams and Hirokawa

Last week, my friend Joe Kim and I were invited to come to the set for a Black Eyed Peas shoot. Michael Kochman, the photo editor for Entertainment weekly is one of our instructors, and he brings his students to the sets when he can. This shoot, was being shot by husband and wife team, Williams and Hirokawa, the name alone is cool. Anyhow, it's nice to see how they work together as a team, they have a good dynamic, and are very chill on set. The Black Eyed Peas were super cool too, they were very nice and not divaish at all. That's Michael Kochman, and Mark Williams having a good time on set.