Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ladies who lunch with Marcey Brownstein

Garden Party in upstate NY
Birds Eye
Beautiful food prepared by Marcey Brownstein in her amazing home!
A gorgeous tablescape with wild flowers from Marcey's garden
The painting on the left by one of the lovely women in attendance Beth Riesman
Where the magic happens in Marcey's garden
Everyone know's I love Rosé
If you you aren't hungry by now, I don't know what to say!
The jewelry designer Chorthip Lagnese made a picture perfect plate!
Susan Caruso and Karen Galland
Happy Bellies
Yummy dessert by Rebecca Ffrench herself accompanied by a gorgeous peach sorbé by one of the guests!

Dana Eudy of Field Apothecary!
Marcey and her ladies!
Grand finale, a fox who posed for me on the way out!!
 As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I'm working on my online persona, and how I would like to better blend it with my actual living identity, which is part of why I am posting about more aspects than just weddings, or photography for that matter.   Part of why I chose photography as my path, is because it gives me access.  It gives me access to many worlds, many lives, and  many stories.  I love life, I love people, I love telling stories.  I want to share stories about the places I've been, the people I meet, and the magic that ensues.  I am very blessed to know people from all walks, and to  be invited into an array of different worlds.  Some of the things I love are gatherings, cooking, and good conversation with amazing women who are doing amazing things.  This lunch really encompassed so much of that, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of such a lovely day with some truly lovely and talented people.  The roster ranged from jewelry designer, chef, acupuncturist, event planner, to amazing self made entrepreneur.  I want to thank our lovely hostess Marcey of Marcey Brownstein Catering for bringing us all together, and opening her lovely home to us in upstate NY!  Please check out the links below to see the roster of lovely ladies who attended, and are doing amazing things for a little inspiration!

Marcey Brownstein-Hostess and owner of Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events Susan Caissey Caruso Owner of SCC Events-Event Planner in NYC, Tristate Area and Boston / Robin Chess Director of Cooking in the School, Phoenicia, NY / Kate Edmonds, Event Planner, NYC  / Dana Eudy, Owner of Field Apothecary and Herb Farm / Rebecca Ffrench
Writer of Food, Entertainment, Travel and Kids interest stories and Cookbook Author of Sweet Home / Karen Galland Fashion Industry Executive and amazing home cook / Ashley Jurgenson Owner of Top of the Garden Event Space / Chorthip Lagnese, Jewelry Designer and Thai Cook / Beth Riesman, Painter, Brooklyn and Margaretville, NY / Julia Rose, Acupuncture and Healing Arts, Phoenicia, NY /  Rebecca Shim Chef, Formerly of Menla Mountain Resort in Phoenicia, NY/ Henrietta Weekes, Owner of Henrietta Flower and Manager of The Barn on the Pond in Saugerties, NY

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Photo Flash Drive

My awesome customized USB flash drive!
Playing with light
Thank you Katie for these gorgeous cards!
A little sample of Katie Fischer Cohen's work I shot for her!

 We live in a truly amazing time. Being a photographer is challenging and rewarding, and in this magical age of digital technology, the world wide web, and endless resources, we get to have things like customized flash drives.  I love mine, and wanted to share with you how I deliver images to my clients, who I order them from and how awesome they are.  I'm getting ready to send one out today, with a beautiful thank you card from my dear friend Katie Fischer Cohen.  Check out her gorgeous watercolor works, and customizable stationary here! To find out more about these awesome flash drives check out Photo Flash  Hope you're all enjoying this hot hot summer!


Monday, July 1, 2013


These are two people who are palpably in love.  Their love is infectious and I'm honored to have worked with them.  I've recently been wrestling with the notion of my offline personality  vs. my online personality.  In my offline life, I love deeply and I'm able to connect with a multitude of people from all walks.  When I met with them,   we knew we were kin.  Sometimes you just know with people.  These two, are exemplary of that fact.  They are two people,  who really know who they are, therefore are able to recognize in each other, what they value in themselves and others.  That is huge, and it's everything.  Asha and Aaron, thank you for having me on your big day, you are both amazing!

As per some of the special points of the day, this is a new venue, and this was the first wedding they had there.  Check it out friends, you're going to love it!


Vendors:  Venue: Greenpoint Loft
Hotel: Box House Hotel in Greenpoint
Catering: Jackson Diner
DJ: Chances With Wolves
Band: High and Mighty Brass Band
Her Shoes: Barney's NY
Invitation: Nathan Eames
Rings: Lola Brooks
Second Photographer: Brandi Webb