Monday, August 19, 2013

Flower Crown Inspiration

This is what happens when you put a floral designer, singer/songwriter, and photographer together!  Magic! All right here in Brooklyn.  The model is Dawn Landes, one of the most talented and prettiest singer/song writers in the land!! She is such a good sport, and rocked out this little shoot that Bess from Celadon Celery and I put together in the park!  We kept it simple, so that the core elements really shine through!! I can't believe how gorgeous this all came together!! Happy Monday!

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Model: Dawn Landes
Flower Crowns: Celadon Celery

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Marisa+Chris // Engagement

Love is like a really good slow cooked soup.  It takes time to simmer and time for the flavors to take shape and round out into a really robust and flavorful experience.  This is one of those love stories that took it's sweet time.  Marisa and Chris fell in love in their twenties, after a year of being friends, he finally got up the gumption to ask her out.  They spent the next 3 years of their lives together, and shared some really good times.  After three awesome years, they decided to part ways.  They both had a little growing up to do, and needed to spread their wings on their own.  After 6 years of being apart, love brought them back together, and Chris proposed to her in Santa Barbara, my homeland of all places!  Circle back to NY, and now I am documenting their story. As camera shy as they are, I am very happy they trusted me to be a part of telling this story.  There are so many classic elements to this, I couldn't be happier with the way our shoot turned out.  I love that we shot on the rooftop of their Hell's Kitchen apartment, with the city skyline and industrial elements that are so NY!  From their  roof, we went back to the inside of their apartment, and then made our way to the handball court right outside of their apartment.  Who knew that the handball court would basically be an outdoor photo cyc??   Engagement photo sessions like this, are my favorite!  It's a chance to get to know the couple, feel them out in front of the camera, and bring a little story telling to the day.  I can't wait for their big day, and I'll be sharing those images with you later this year! 


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Clam Bake in the City Featured on // Style Me Pretty

This little photo shoot is near and dear to me, as I love food, gatherings, lovely ladies, and a nice photo shoot to boot!  Some of my favorite creative women in the wedding industry and I got together to share an awesome evening with the best clam chowder I have ever had!!  We had three amazing dishes all prepared by Chandara, of Chandara Creative with a lovely mango salad, a beautiful clam chowder, and some giant lobster with corn on the cob!  We finished it all off with a crazy yummy dessert by Lael Cakes.  She made the yummiest little gluten-free lemon drop cakes with lemon curd, and accented them with fresh mint sprigs and topped them with cherries and blueberries.  Our host Patricia of Fourteen Fourty Stationary, brought this all together in her lovely West Village home, as well as art directed and made all the gorgeous stationary accents in the shoot.  My dear friend Thea of Hushed commotion, used this as an opportunity to bring something different to the table, as she usually makes accessories for brides, she thought, why not incorporate her awesome beading techniques into something for the home, so she made the awesome beaded burlap napkin rings, which I love!! You can get some for yourself on her website here! Not only do we have the photos, but Courtney from Love+Brain Films, made an awesome video of our day as well!!  Thanks so much for following friends!! I'm really happy to share this with you, and I will be making more food and lifestyle based work soon! 


Food Prep and Styling: Chandara Creative
Art Direction and Paper Goods: Fourteen-Forty
Accessories/Napkin Rings/Drink Stirs: Hushed Commotion
Desserts: Lael Cakes
Cinematography: Love+Brain Films
Full Clam Chowder Recipe: Style Me Pretty
Full Feature: Style Me Pretty