Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Wythe Hotel and finding your people!

 If you have not had to chance to visit the Wythe Hotel yet, do yourself a favor, and check it out! The lovely ladies of Entwined are Thea from Hushed Commotion and Patricia of 1440NYC, who held this super amazing networking event there this month, and as you can see, we had too much fun! When they asked me to photograph the evenings festivities, naturally my answer was, yes, of course!  The only catch being that when I looked at the rsvp list, I couldn't believe that a large number of guests would be some of New York's finest wedding photographers.  I couldn't believe how nervous I got!  So weird, I rarely get that kind of nervous anymore, but when it's you photographing a room full of photographers, you really have to bring your A game!  Honestly, I love a challenge, and the opportunity to face my fears!  I really think that as an artist, and a business owner, you really have to push yourself all the time, to be better, stronger, and ever evolving.  I am definitely at a place where I am pushing myself to a different place then I have ever been, so a shout out to all the lovely people that were in attendance that night.  I love being a part of an amazing community of kick ass people that inspire me to push myself and be better every day.  If you want anything in this life, put yourself in a room full of amazing people, and strive to be the best every day!  Find your people!


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