Monday, July 1, 2013


These are two people who are palpably in love.  Their love is infectious and I'm honored to have worked with them.  I've recently been wrestling with the notion of my offline personality  vs. my online personality.  In my offline life, I love deeply and I'm able to connect with a multitude of people from all walks.  When I met with them,   we knew we were kin.  Sometimes you just know with people.  These two, are exemplary of that fact.  They are two people,  who really know who they are, therefore are able to recognize in each other, what they value in themselves and others.  That is huge, and it's everything.  Asha and Aaron, thank you for having me on your big day, you are both amazing!

As per some of the special points of the day, this is a new venue, and this was the first wedding they had there.  Check it out friends, you're going to love it!


Vendors:  Venue: Greenpoint Loft
Hotel: Box House Hotel in Greenpoint
Catering: Jackson Diner
DJ: Chances With Wolves
Band: High and Mighty Brass Band
Her Shoes: Barney's NY
Invitation: Nathan Eames
Rings: Lola Brooks
Second Photographer: Brandi Webb

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  1. Who is the designer of her dress? It is so beautiful!