Monday, December 2, 2013

Elana+Frank // Prospect Park Picnic House

I have to say, I have the great pleasure of working with some of the most interesting and lovely people out there!

When I first met Elana and Frank, I was genuinely fascinated!  I felt like I had never met anyone quite like them, and couldn't help but be smitten with this lovely duo, that clearly are head over heels for each other!!  They are two people who are genuinely who they are, and are clearly not trying to be anyone that they are not.  That was evident from the jump, when Elana walked in with her 1960's print on print vintage regalia, orange hair, and cat eye glasses.  Meanwhile Frank was donning his more subdued hesher gear, as he is a devout lover of heavy metal, which starkly contrasts his sweet quiet demeanor.  I hope I am painting an accurate portrait, because as we continued to talk, I was more and more intrigued by Elana's evidently vivacious personality, which is what probably makes her so good at what she does!  Elana is an amazing political activist and has managed to make quite an impact on worker's rights here in NY, I wanted to include that, as you never know who might be able to benefit from this knowledge.  I'm an connecter at heart, and love making sure people know about each other.  I digress, but I needed to include that!  Back to the wedding, as you can see, unflinching commitment to personal style is carried out through the wedding day, as Elana did not choose to wear white, or a formal gown for the matter.  She chose 1960's vintage cocktail dress, while Frank matched with his amazing attire and well groomed chops!  They couldn't have asked for a more amazing fall day, and I'm so beyond thrilled to have captured their day!  Thank you both, and your lovely families for having me!


Venue: Prospect Park Picnic House
Bride: Elana Levin
Groom: Frank Smith