Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Heather+Mark // Lake Placid

When Heather and Mark contacted me about their wedding, they told me were having a very small ceremony on a maple syrup farm in the Lake Placid.  They asked me if I would I be interested in something like that, and my answer/ Um… YES PLEASE.  First of all, I have never even been that far upstate, and come to find out Lake Placid is famous for having had the winter Olympics  there in 1980.  Who knew?? Not me obviously!  I ended up tying my trip there into another travel job I did in Maine, which hopefully I will get around to sharing with you soon as well! It ended up being the best East Coast photo trip I could have, and these two were so awesome, and I had never even met them in person before their wedding.  They live in Rhode Island, so we only had a meeting over Skype before the actual big day!! Obviously, they are two of the chillest people, who decided not to have a super big party in a big venue, with lots of people.  Instead they opted to keep their wedding super chill, and only have their closest family members at a really special location.  Heather has been going there since she was a child, and has a very special place in her heart for Lake Placid.  I've never known a more laid back bride, who was also super tough and bad ass at the same time.  Not only are they both cross fit super stars, but she is also an orthopedic surgeon and he is a nurse.  Power healer/kick ass couple.  They are the couple who would come to your rescue if you were in a jam, and then patch you up and send you home, all in one feel swoop.  Yes, I want you on my team please :)  This intimate ceremony was so sweet and they were such an awesome genuine couple, that they couldn't have made my experience with them more lovely!  Some really special notes about their day include Mark's homemade beer, which they included in a beer flight that each of their guests got to take home as well (the wood base, that a close friend of theirs made for the flights).  Not only did they have homemade beer, but the food was really important to them as well, and they had their day catered by a local chef who really pulled out some stops with their gorgeous menu, which included wild boar, and totally blew my mind!! YUMMMM, I had no idea!!! To think those used to roam on the farm I grew up on, and yet, I have never tasted that yumminess!!  Their day also included some games, including that super cute cornhole set with a bride and groom silhouette  on them.  Oh, and of course, the fact that that place is home to a maple syrup farm called, South Meadow Farm!!! Hello, completely amazing!  I love maple syrup, and the place was so cozy and sweet, I think it really fit their day so well.  Congrats Heather and Mark!! Thank you so much for having me!


venue: South Meadow Farm
dress: Catherine Malandrino
shoes: Jimmy Choo
suit:  Hugo Boss
flowers: Heather's mom
catering: Chair 6
invitations: Minted
officiant: Heather's awesome cousin Peter

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